2019 Alameda Connects and Alameda Corridor BID Sustainability Summit


Friday, May 17th

1:00 – 5:00 PM

MindSpark Learning Center

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455 S Pierce St, Lakewood, CO 80226

“Ability for Small Business Sustainability”

This small business sustainability summit will provide area business owners with actionable information and business practices that can be implemented to help them begin or grow their business sustainability initiative.

What is Business Sustainability? It’s more than just recycling!



Business sustainability focuses on business ability to initiate environmental, social and economic responsibility and growth — People, Planet, Profit.


This initiative focuses on the company’s stakeholders which includes employees, contractors, customers, vendors, suppliers and the community. This initiative is concerned with the welfare of these stakeholders from fair compensation to working conditions and the company’s impact on the community.


This initiative focuses on how the company can keep the size of their ecological impact on the environment as small as possible. Company’s achieve this by reducing energy costs/consumption, waist and disposing waste consciously.


This initiative focuses on the overall long-term sustainability of a company. Profit sustainability focuses not only on the economic growth of the business but also the growth that will benefit the community and future generations.

Our Co-Logo Winner


As part of the Alameda Connects and Alameda Corridor Business Improvement District strategic plan, it is our mission to promote a vibrant community and foster opportunity in the Downtown Lakewood Corridor. This year we have teamed up with Alameda International Junior Senior high school to develop a co-logo that will be used in conjunction with the 2019 Alameda Connects & ACBID Sustainability Summit logo.

We would like to congratulate Dylan for creating the partnering logo for the 2019 Alameda Connects & Alameda Corridor BID Sustainability Summit.

Our Moderator


City of Lakewood Sustainability Manager Jonathan Wachtel

Jonathan Wachtel is the Sustainability Manager for the City of Lakewood, Colorado. Since joining the City of Lakewood in 2006, Jonathan has been the project manager for three Comprehensive Plan Amendments, created Lakewood’s Award-Winning Sustainable Neighborhoods Program, co-founded the Employees’ Committee for a Sustainable Lakewood, the City of Lakewood’s Sustainability Award program, and annual Earth Day Celebration. In 2015, under Jonathan’s leadership, the City of Lakewood adopted its first city-wide Strategic Sustainability Plan.

Jonathan is a core member of the Urban Sustainability Director’s Network, the APA Sustainable Communities Division, and sits on several advisory boards including University of Colorado Denver’s Managing for Sustainability Advisory Council.

Jonathan is often featured as a guest lecturer in local colleges and universities and his professional work has been recognized with awards from both the Colorado and National chapters of the American Planning Association, and the Harvard Kennedy School for innovations in American Government.



Our Guest Panel


The Alliance Center Programs Manager, Anne Behlouli

Anne has a strong commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices and believes that an emphasis on sustainability is essential to the growth and development of businesses today. An internship at an employer union advocating for small- and medium-sized businesses guided her career path toward conducting improvements in the business sector. While working in the public transportation industry, implemented programs that drove improvements and mitigated safety and sustainability risks. If she is not at The Alliance Center, there is a chance you can find her listening a podcast about women’s empowerment, trying a new recipe, or tasting a local beer.

FoodMaven Public Relations Manager, Michelle Asher

FoodMaven is a socially conscious, for-profit company founded in 2015 to bring agility and flexibility to the U.S. food system. We leverage an innovative online marketplace and rapid logistics system to capture the millions of pounds of food lost in the system each year and sell it to waiting buyers — or donate it to hunger relief organizations. Our goal is to recover the $200 billion in lost revenue caused by wasted food each year by providing buyers and suppliers with a new avenue for sales and purchasing.

Abrusci’s Fire & Wine General Manager, Marvin Williams

We are a non-tipping restaurant for the benefit of our patrons and employees. We support many local vendors like Sweet Escapes, Italco, Western Meat, Coors, Tivoli beer, and Stranahan’s whiskey. We are all about recycling to the best of our ability – paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum.