Art Events

From Art, Architecture and Design the Alameda Corridor offers something for everyone. Click on a link below to find an Art Event happening near you. 

Hillside Gallery and Frame Shop 

At Hillside Gallery summer is here!
Being outside and enjoying time outdoors with family and friends….what could be better?  Their “Bottle Benders” are back just in time.  Repurposed chimes made from wine bottles.  Colorful decor to add to any patio or deck and they sound so beautiful!  Come in and check them out! 
Hillside Gallery and Frame Shop is located at 9255 W. Alameda Ave., #1


Where:  Lakewood Cultural Center and Lakewood Civic Center

When:  Exhibit Runs Now through 8/23

Timeshare is a new, digital, and time-based art exhibit presented by the Lakewood Cultural Center, RMCAD and 40West Arts District in celebration of the City of Lakewood’s 50th Anniversary.  TimeShare’s goal is to bring together artists and cultural producers who are grappling with the collision of technology and art with a sense of wonder and curiosity. It will feature innovative work in experimental/new, digital or time-based mediums. TimeShare is to showcase video, 3D and animated shorts, soundscapes, digitally enhanced performances, and experimental photography. The exhibit will run from 5/10 thru 8/23.  More information here.

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