Alameda Corridor Business Improvement District

“Securing Alameda” Grant

The Alameda Corridor Business Improvement District (ACBID) sponsors a limited number of crime prevention and safety/security improvements through our “Securing Alameda” grant. These grants are designed to fund projects that will serve as a catalyst for safety and security investment along the corridor. The grants assist commercial property owners, business owners, and non-profits with security improvements to the interior or exterior of their location (which will benefit the Alameda corridor as a whole). Projects can include, but are not limited to: enhanced signage, lighting, fencing, video surveillance hardware, façade improvements, parking lot improvements, etc.

Grants are analyzed case-by-case and examine the security enhancements to a property or tenant space located in the ACBID boundary area (click here to view the ACBID boundary area). The goal of the security grants is to improve security measures along the corridor, to potentially reduce the risk of crime on a property or in a tenant space.

Eligible Businesses

The program is open to all commercial property owners, business owners and non-profit organizations located in the ACBID boundary area AND have received a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessment, from the Lakewood Police Department. Recipients must be in good standing with the City of Lakewood regarding taxes, fees, municipal codes or any other financial obligation to the City.

Eligible Improvements

The ACBID Securing Alameda Grants may be used toward the cost of purchase and installation of interior and exterior security improvements to the property or space, as recommended on the CPTED assessment. Eligible improvements include:

    • Video and Natural Surveillance — upgrades or installation to maximize visibility of a space. This makes it easy to identify an allowed user of a space versus one who is suspicious. Examples include interior and exterior security lighting upgrades or retrofits, including LED conversion and security cameras.
    • Territorial Reinforcement and Access Control — measures that deter criminal activity and delineate private space. Examples include fencing, parking lot traffic calming, bollards, improved locks and alarms.
    • Façade Improvements and Space Management — to enhance curb appeal to create public spaces that are attractive and well-maintained. This encourages the use of the space. Examples include signage changes and improvements, replacing windows and doors, territorial and aesthetic landscaping and maintenance, graffiti management, and painting.

Funding Amounts

The dollar amount of a grant will be determined by a selection committee based on factors including physical size of the property to be improved, total project cost, fit with the program objectives and selection criteria, and the amount of unallocated funds in the program budget, at the time of submittal. Typical grant amounts range from $1,000 to $5,000. Grant requests for smaller and larger amounts may also be considered. In 2024 there is a total of $25,000 to be dispersed.

Criteria for Selection

    • Safety and security improvement impact of the project.
    • Compatibility of the project with the ACBID Corridor Security goals and CPTED recommendations.
    • Amount of investment by the property or business owner into improvements.
    • Assurances by the owner of long-term maintenance of the improvements, such as a signed maintenance plan agreement, and commitment to the Alameda location.

Application & Selection Process

    • If a CPTED assessment has not been completed for the property or tenant space, the applicant should contact Agent Quinn Pratt-Cordova at in the Lakewood Police, to schedule an assessment. Once the assessment is complete, applicants must base the scope of the desired improvements on the CPTED recommendations.
    • Applicants should fill out the ACBID Securing Alameda application form, describing the scope of work as recommended on their CPTED assessment, and identify any additional funding sources.
    • The applicant will be notified of the grant funds available to the project, by email from ACBID staff, within 30 days of completing the application. Before funds are allocated, the applicant must review the scope of work and commit to complete the scope of work agreed on in full. The applicant must also agree to fill out an “After Action Report” upon completion of the work to ensure the application matches the completed work.
    • Applicants must be able to accept grant funding electronically through an ACH distribution source.
    • Applications must be received by December 31, 2024.

The applicant will be responsible for the selection of a contractor for project implementation, as well as obtaining permits and licensing required by the City of Lakewood. Additional funding for overruns in installation/construction, above the approved grant amount, will be the responsibility of the business owner and are not eligible for additional dollars, above the finalized grant amount.

The applicant will be responsible for reporting work completed to within 30 days upon completion. Applicant will be responsible for submitting a deliverables report with receipts and photos, if required by ACBID.

This grant is only eligible for commercial properties located in the ACBID boundary area. Please click here to view the ACBID boundary area.