Eaton’s Green Team is made up of resident volunteers who continue to educate new residents about recycling and monitor all recycling efforts. Eaton Senior Communities is committed to promoting a sustainable environment. Continue Reading

Did you know electronic devices contain a variety of toxins, including arsenic, lead, beryllium and mercury within their circuitry? In 2013, Colorado banned the dumping of E-Waste in any location other than approved recycling centers. Find out more.

Gordon Seufert, managing member of Lakewood, Colo.-based Recycled Mat-ters said that that attitude needs to be changed in order to prevent “stupid waste” from entering our landfills and truly work toward a zero-waste lifestyle. Continue Reading

So, what’s the most environmentally friendly way to serve beer?
The clearest answer to this question is to focus on draft beer, preferably served in re-useable mugs or pint glasses. Continue Reading

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