The Alameda Corridor Business Improvement District (ACBID) announces launch of its Fix it Up Reinvestment Grants Program!  The program is designed to encourage exterior improvements to existing commercial buildings and properties in the West Alameda Reinvestment Area (see map here) and produce positive, visible changes impacting the building location.  The program goals are to help property owners fix up their properties and stimulate reinvestment in the Alameda Corridor.

Grant applications are analyzed on a case-by-case basis that examines the improvement’s visibility along the Alameda corridor, the level of participation by the commercial propertyowner and/or business owner, and project readiness. Applicants are encouraged to establish partnerships  between business owners and their commercial property owners to leverage funding more effectively.

PROJECT AREA – The West Alameda Corridor Phase 1 Reinvestment Area.  See map on the bottom of the page here. This excludes any properties in the Belmar District.


    • Grants may be up to a maximum of $25,000 per property, to be reimbursed all at once.
    • A 5% match from the property owner is required for the full project cost.
    • Grants will be awarded based on projects producing the most visible changes and maximum quality impact to the visual environment and best aligns with the priorities of the BID.
    • All grants are awarded on a competitive basis as funding allows.
    • Funding is limited and the amount awarded for a project is at the discretion of the ACBID Board of Directors.
    • Work in progress or work performed before a complete application is both submitted and approved is not eligible for a grant.

Mural at Belmar funded by a 2022 ACBID Grow Grant.


General Requirements

    • Business must be located in a commercial or retail Lakewood zone district in predetermined blocks along Alameda Ave. (see map)
    • Business must have all necessary licenses to operate and be in good standing.
    • Individual centers and multi-tenant centers are eligible.
    • Reimbursement is only valid for costs expended within a year of submitting the application.

Eligible Activities — West Alameda Avenue street-facing improvements are the top priority of the program.  The types of activities include:

    • Building frontage or façade improvements.
    • Awnings or canopies not considered signs.  Awning or canopy must be decorative and used to define an entry or window area.
    • Deep Cleaning exterior building surface if painting is not needed.
    • Permanent exterior monument signs.
    • Door and window replacement.
    • Construction or improvement of entranceways.
    • Exterior lighting permanent to building.
    • Fencing and/or screening.
    • Gutters and/or downspouts visible on building exterior.
    • Improving ADA accessibility.
    • Landscaping/Streetscaping –planters, benches, containers, and bike racks.
    • Permanent exterior art or mural installation.
    • Security lighting and cameras (excluding monitoring contract). 
    • Parking lot improvements – re-paving or re-striping of parking lots, de-paving for landscaping, creating buffer zones, garage enclosures, and lighting.
    • Sidewalk repair and/or replacement – stamped or decorative brick work..
    • Window repair – all building windows including, display windows, transom, basement or second story facing a public street or alley way.
    • Repairing dangerous or unhealthy conditions on the exterior of the property.

*Funds will only be provided for projects that conform to all Lakewood, CO zoning, permitting, and licensing requirements.

Non-Eligible Activities 

    • Routine building maintenance and repair as determined by the ACBID.
    • Roof repairs/replacement not related to an exterior façade improvement.
    • Structural foundations, billboards, alarm systems/monitoring, non-permanent fixtures, interior window coverings, security bars, and barbed wire fencing.
    • Purchase of property and/or buildings.
    • Construction of a new building.
    • Demolition unless necessary for project.
    • Indoor fixtures, furnishings, and equipment.
    • Inventory, operating costs or payroll

Non-Eligible Buildings

    • Properties will not be eligible if any special assessments, real estate taxes, or personal property taxes are delinquent. 
    • Exclusively residential property, unless operated by a public housing authority organized and existing under the Housing Authorities Law of the State of Colorado. 
    • Property in litigation, mediation, condemnation, or receivership.

What you need to do to apply for a Fix it Up Reinvestment Grant:

    • Complete application online.
    • Create a project budget with at least one qualified estimate for improvements from a licensed contractor, more if possible.
    • Upon completion of project, submit all project-related receipts, invoices and supporting payment documentation to ACBID staff within 30 days.
    • The 5% match is calculated based on full project cost at completion.
    • Schedule an on-site project walk-through with staff.
    • Await approval and reimbursement, usually 3-4 weeks. *


    • Grants are awarded on a rolling basis as funds allow.
    • Applications for funding in 2024 must be received by October 15.

ACBID Program Funding Structure

The ACBID Fix It Up Grant Program is a reimbursement grant that will provide funding to grant recipients after expenses have been incurred. The grantee must follow a reimbursement procedure to obtain the reimbursement for project expenses.

* While we would prefer for our business relationship to be directly with you and your business, we understand that a reimbursement of a paid invoice might be a cash flow challenge for some businesses. If cash flow concerns prevent you from taking advantage of this grant program, alternative payment arrangements where the ACBID will pay the vendor directly after completion of the scope of work can be discussed and negotiated in advance at the time of application.