Alameda Corridor Business Improvement District (ACBID) promotes a vibrant community in the Downtown Lakewood Business Corridor through thoughtful financial stewardship and strategic partnerships.

The Lakewood City Council established the ACBID by ordinance adopted on July 28, 2003 under the provisions of the Colorado Business Improvement District Act. The ACBID service area is comprised of commercial property/business owners in Lakewood with boundaries adjacent to Alameda Avenue from Sheridan Blvd. to Carr Street on the north, and Sheridan to Allison Parkway on the south. Within the corridor, commercial property owners voted to tax themselves to make their community cleaner, safer, and more vibrant. Under the provisions of the Colorado Business Improvement District Act, the ACBID serves the public purposes of promoting the health, safety, prosperity, security, and general welfare of the people in the ACBID service area as well as the surrounding community.

The core vision of ACBID is to inspire a thriving business corridor where people desire to be!   BID Operating Plan and and Budget are driven by it’s Core Values listed below:

Sustainability.  Build and support a vibrant and sustainable corridor.

Stewardship.  Provide careful and prudent stewardship of BID resources.

Unity. Promote an inclusive and collaborative community of businesses, non-profits, governments and residents to strengthen the bonds in the Lakewood Downtown Business Corridor.

Integrity. Commitment to operating in a spirit of transparency and honesty.

Innovation. Embrace disrupting traditional programs and planning to be a visionary leader that other corridors look to emulate.

Vitality. Engage in our mission with creativity and boldness to inspire, innovate and invest.

Celebration. Cultivate a sense of pride, history and identity for our own achievements and for the corridor.

Prosperity. Work to enhance the economic well-being of all parts of the corridor through advocacy and investment.

Find details on the upcoming Special ACBID Board Meeting on the BID calendar.


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