Discover Alameda Art and Murals

Another leg on the Discover Alameda trail experience are the numerous artworks featured in Arts Along the Corridor. ACBID began its Arts Along the Corridor program in 2007 with the entry art feature called Flow at Alameda and Sheridan. Since then the program has grown to include 17 sculptures by different artists, wall murals, plywood mobile murals, and bus shelter murals. The Arts Along the Corridor collection features a diverse array of different artistic mediums and styles by numerous artists.

Flow 2007

Artist: Jonathan Stiles
Location: Median at Alameda and Sheridan

American Primitive 2018

Artist: Robert Hickler
Location: Young Americans Center for Financial Education, 401 S. Pierce St.

Belmar 2018

Artist: Ratha Sok
Location: Chuys Parking Lot- Belmar District

Joyfully Dancing 2011

Artist: Kevin Robb
Location: Roundabout north of Belmar Library

Desert Plants, 2019

Artist: Michael Mladjan
Location: Belmar Crossing, 7111 W. Alameda Ave.

Kiss the Earth 2021

Artist: Johnna Holcomb
Location: Alameda and Harlan – S. Side

Spring Jay 2021

Artist: Rachel Dinda
Location: Alameda and Hoyt – S. Side

Eye on the Ball 2019

Artist: Price “Ted” Davis
Location: Keli McGregor Field at Coca-Cola All-Star, 200 S Harlan St.

Rayonism 2011

Artist: Frank Sessions
Location: Belmar Crossing Shopping Center, 7111 W. Alameda Ave.

Actors 2009

Artist: Don Mitchell
Location: Median on Alameda west of Wadsworth

Geisel Grass 2016

Artist: Nestor Fedak
Location: Lakewood Civic Center Plaza, north end.

Spirit of the Plains 2020

Artists: Faith Williams
Location: Hyatt House, 7310 W Alaska Dr, Lakewood, CO 80226

Humming Bird 2021

Artist: Ratha Sok
Location: Alameda and Lamar St. – S. Side

Abundance 2021

Artist: Amy Ward
Location: Alameda and Kipling – S. Side

Girasoles 2018

Artist: Christopher Weed
Location: Metro West Housing Solutions Fifty-Eight Hundred

Nix the Lab 2017

Artist: Karl and Margaret Jensen
Location: Entry to the Goodyear Store, 7201 W. Alameda Ave.

Arc of Peace 2019

Artist: Lori Acott
Location: Village at Belmar, 7825 W Alameda Ave. Corner of Yarrow St. and Alameda Ave.

Aspen Trees and the Dancing Moon 2009

Artist: Reven Marie Swanson
Location: Lakewood Civic Center Roundabout

Watching Time 2021

Artist: KokoCollab – Aiko Szymczak & Corinne Trujillo
Location: Alameda and Depew – S. Side

Breathe 2021

Artist: Katelyn Padgett
Location: Alameda and Pierce – S. Side

Windy Daze 2021

Artist: The Magaw’s of Boston, Bill and Jeanne Magaw
Location: 500 S. Reed St

Tener Fe 2018

Artist: Murals Project of Colorado, Jennifer Ryan and Victoriano Rivera
Location: Panaderia Rodriguez Bakery, 6201 W. Alameda Ave.

A Girl’s Best Friend 2014

Artist: Doyle Svenby
Location: In front of D’Anelli Bridal, 7301 W. Alameda Ave

Tree of Life 2017

Artist: Margaret Jensen
Location: Entrance to the Village at Belmar, 7825 W Alameda Ave.

Community 2018

Artist: Ratha Sok
Location: Village Roaster Coffee, 9225 W. Alameda Ave.

Good Boy 2021

Artist: Odd Wall Painting, Eric Weatherford
Location: Alameda and Depew – N. Side


Artist: Dwight Maskew
Location: Alameda and Carr – S. Side

Steel Dream 2021

Artist: Dan Toone
Location: 500 S. Reed St