The Belmar Art Showcase

On Saturday, October 14, 2023, 15 local artists spent the day transforming the Downtown Lakewood Belmar Center by painting diverse and colorful ground murals. The event was hosted by 40 West Arts and sponsored by the Alameda Corridor Business Improvement District. The mural designs by local artists were selected to enhance the vibrancy, appearance, and dynamic creative atmosphere of Downtown Lakewood Belmar.

As part of its mission to promote a vibrant community in the Downtown Lakewood Business Corridor the Alameda Corridor Business Improvement District has funded over 70 diverse arts installations including sculptures, wall murals, history icons, and traffic box art.

Map of the Murals at Belmar

Click the name of the artists to learn more about them.

Space 1 Charlotte Bassin

Space 2 – Lupine Design Company

Space 3 Anna Charney

Space 4 – Molly Gallegos

Space 5 Haley Knowles

Space 6 Chelsea Hart

Space 7 Silas “Jolt” Ulibarri

Space 8 Julia Fordyce

Space 9 Adam Raiola

Space 10 David Swartz

Space 11 Ramon Trujillo

Space 12 Zaida Sever

Space 13 Jules Elders

Space 14 AJ Davis

Space 15 Brinlee Jones