Crime Prevention

Our organization has chosen six key pillars directing our mission. These pillars shape our values and guide us as we craft our efforts and our budget each year. Crime Prevention and Safety is one of those important values alongside economic development, destination marketing, transportation/mobility, sustainability, and beautification. In the two decades since we have been established, we have prioritized maintaining productive relationships with Lakewood Police, understanding trends that contribute to increased criminal activity, and focusing on prevention over reaction.

The number of successes we have are innumerable but have included programs such as:

  • Offering free Crime Prevention through Environmental Design analyses to properties on Alameda to offer feedback on inexpensive ways to make properties less attractive to criminals
  • Providing grants to implement many of the security recommendations from the CPTED reports
  • Hosting roundtable discussions with police agents and the business community and much more!

Download Additional Resources on Crime Prevention Tips for Businesses.

Here are a few tips and strategies to implement to prevent criminal activity around your local community and businesses.