Welcome to the Alameda Connects Member newsletter and announcement submission page!

One part of Alameda Connects and Alameda Corridor Business Improvement Districts’s mission is to engage people along Alameda.  We support our members whose work impacts the Alameda corridor.  If you have an event, post or announcement you’d like to ask Alameda Connects to share in our newsletter and on social media, please fill out the following form.  Not all submissions will be accepted, and priority will go to current paid members and businesses located within the BID boundaries. 

Before you begin:

  • As Honorary Level members of Alameda Connects, businesses within the BID are eligible to submit one free posting per year.  For additional opportunities, consider upgrading to a paid membership! 
  • Submissions for the Weekly Newsletter are due before 6 pm MT on Wednesdays.
  • If an announcement, post or event is submitted after the deadline, it will go in the following week’s newsletter if it is still relevant. 
  • Submissions will run for two newsletter cycles unless you specify otherwise.
  • Images must be in .jpg, or .png format only
  • Please keep submissions to 60 words maximum and provide no more than one link. 

This method helps keep staff organized and prevents content from getting misplaced. If you submit by other methods (such as by email, paper copy, or verbally) there is a greater chance of the event being misplaced. 

If you have any feedback or comments on the ease of this process, please email acteam@alamedaconnects.org


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