Thank you for your interest in using Colorado Christian University’s Employment Management Services (EMS)!
We look forward to working with you and would like to take a few moments to describe our unique partnership program. We pride ourselves in having close relationships with our partnering businesses and students/alumni to serve them in the best way possible.

EMS functions quite differently than most college career offices, but we believe these distinctions enable us to best serve employers like you. We want to earn your trust so that we become a source of talent that you come back to year after year. EMS will save you time and energy as all our candidates have been through a screening process before we ever send them your way. It takes a little more effort than a job board, but we have found that it is worth it and hope your experience is the same!

Here’s what you need to know before partnering with EMS:

  • It’s FREE to both the organizations, students, and alumni!
  • EMS does not accept the following positions: unpaid positions, positions that pay less than minimum wage, canvasing, door-to-door sales, private in-home services, phone marketing, or organizations that have not met payroll at any time in the last 24 months.
  • Candidates are prescreened, vetted and references checked by EMS staff to ensure qualified skill sets match the organization and their staffing needs before referring the candidate to an employer.
  • EMS Partnered Employer Job opportunities are “blind” posted on Handshake and the website which means contact and organization information is not included in marketing job opportunities to ensure candidates are utilizing EMS to pursue employment with partnered employers.
  • Churches and Christian Ministries: Church/Ministry Statement of Faith and Lifestyle Covenant must show a parallel with the CCU Statement of Faith and Lifestyle Covenant (page 2 highlighted section specifically). Please review these documents before agreeing to the EMS Employer Partnership Agreement.Organizations partnered with EMS must adhere to the following:
  • Guarantee an interview for all candidates that EMS refers for an interview is required by phone or in person.
  • Contact with the referred candidate should be within 2 business days to schedule a future interview.
  • When candidate is extended an offer or declined, Employer informs EMS directly of the outcome of the interview and provides feedback.
  • Employers inform EMS if the position is filled either through or outside EMS.
  • Notify EMS of any CCU student that seeks employment that did not come directly from EMS.


Diana Harrison
Director of EMS Administration & Technology Services
Employment Management Services Colorado Christian University
O: 303.963.3165

#210 B
(303) 274-1807