Gordon Seufert, managing member of Lakewood, Colo.-based Recycled Mat-ters said that that attitude needs to be changed in order to prevent “stupid waste” from entering our landfills and truly work toward a zero-waste lifestyle.

And it starts with us—we can start buying used cars, used clothing and especially brand-new looking but used rubber floor mats, which Recycled Mat-ters specializes in.

For the past six years, Seufert and his team have repaired and re-purposed thousands of floor mats that are slightly used or slightly damaged to make them look like new for our homes and businesses. The company also offers food-grade IBC totes, shop towels and aprons at half their brand-new counterparts.

Understanding Recycling and Recycling Waste Streams

Waste streams—throwing certain products away over and over—are prevalent and this is a problem, Seufert said.“Waste streams are the least understood form of landfill filler,” Seufert said. “They are unending, very similar to a river or a stream, they just don’t stop.”

But Recycled Mat-ters is doing its part to put a dam on a few waste streams, such as the commercial-grade, rubber floor mats that are automatically thrown away when they’re damaged or when the rental industry has no more use for them. “While it is getting better with each passing year, most folks don’t understand their part in the waste stream,” Seufert said.

The reason people misunderstand their part in the waste stream is because they oftentimes misunderstand recycling. It isn’t about just sorting our garbage in separate cans, Seufert said, it’s about ensuring that what we buy hasn’t used more than its fair share of energy. “The most energy-efficient way to recycle is to re-use or re-purpose to another solution,” reads the Recycled Mat-ters website.

So far, the company has kept more than 200 mats from going into the landfill each week. 

Buy and Partner with Local Businesses

But one area Seufert doesn’t believe in recycling is customer service—each customer gets a custom experience when they call the office.

Eventually, Seufert hopes the company can sell through retail outlets and potential partners. If you own a retail store or are interested in partnering with Recycled Mat-ters, visit their websiteemail them or call the office at 720-515-1666.