Alameda Connects is your premier neighborhood-business connector here in the heart of Lakewood.

We offer a number of services to members that allow your business to connect, engage and grow.


Small but Mighty Grant – CLOSED for 2020

  • As a member of Alameda Connects you are eligible to participate in the Alameda Connects Small but Mighty grants program.  This grant program is funded by Alameda Connects.  These grants are designed to fund projects that can be implemented quickly and assist commercial and/or business owners with small-scale improvements that benefit both the applicant and the Alameda Avenue Corridor as a whole.
  • Eligible projects can include tangible items such as signs, outdoor benches, bicycle racks and flowerpots but also experiential projects such as live music for businesses.  Grants of between $250 and $1500 will be awarded on a competitive basis.  Grants are provided on a reimbursement basis after completion of this application and notification from Alameda Connects that the application is approved.
  • Small but Mighty Grants are analyzed on a case-by-case basis that examines the improvement’s ability to enhance the business and/or commercial property (40%), the ability of the improvement to benefit the corridor (40%), the ability of the improvement to increase connection with the community (20%), and the level of participation by the commercial property owner and/or business owner.

Make a Difference Grant – CLOSED for 2020

• Alameda Connects awards grants and sponsorships to 501 (c) (3) non-profit organizations, public schools and government entities on a competitive basis in the Alameda Corridor area of Lakewood.

• Grants may be requested for a variety of project needs including furthering educational programs for schools, support of programs for provision of needed services for the Lakewood community and table sponsorships for fundraising events.  Grant applications should be for specific projects or programs rather than operational expenses.

• Factors considered in awarding grants and sponsorships:

• Positive impact on the Lakewood community

• Positive impact on the Alameda Corridor area

• Focus on specific projects or programs

Other Membership Benefits

Opportunities to Connect and Engage with Community and Business Leaders

  • Alameda Connects offers monthly meetings where you can connect with residents and City staff and stay abreast of developments here in the heart of Lakewood.
  • Alameda Connects sponsors and tables many community events throughout the year.  These events allow us to showcase your business and increase your reach in the community.
  • Alameda Connects sponsors many community-based events throughout the year including bike rides, movies in the park, and an annual scavenger hunt.  These fun community events provide you with an opportunity to meet residents in an informal setting and share about your business.

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